A Brand New Start!

Hello and welcome to "Adopted Londoner"!
After so many years of this blog being abandoned due to many reasons, I've decided to bring it back to life.
Originally born as "Sarah Messina Photography", a platform where I used to share the photos I used to take, the blog fell in complete decay when I stopped being creative.
Why? First, I lost all my inspiration, and second, major changes in my life changed my priorities and everything connected to my previous internet life.

As I have always wanted to create a blog where to share lifestyle and travel oriented posts, and creating a complete new platform is a big job, I've decided to take my old blog and give a new life to it, even if still maintaining the original colours and style, at least for the moment.

So what has happened in my life since my last post, uploaded the 13th of October 2015?

In July 2016 I finally graduated from High School and after some interesting months of summer, the 1st of October of the same year I moved to Switzerland to start my University studies.
On the 27th of July 2017 I then moved to London for 5 months, in order to complete my internship at The Dorchester, a beautiful hotel overlooking Hyde Park.
That's when my life changed and I fell madly in love with the City, with my life there, with everything connected to it.
With my heart broken and salt on my cheeks, the 3rd of January 2018 I hopped on a plane to Milan and, 4 days later, I was back in Switzerland to continue my 2nd year of studies.
Normally supposed to attend a second internship in Summer 2018, I decided to cancel the contract I already had to work in another country and continue straight to the last two terms, in order to officially graduate in December 2018 instead of June 2019.

I decided to follow my intuition and completely change my plans last minute... I guess many people say to "follow your heart", isn't it?
So this is what I am doing, and in January 2019 I will proudly become again an "Adopted Londoner", back in the place I love the most, back to my happiness and my dream.