Tattoed Mermaid

Since the day that I've followed her on Instagram, back in 2011 and back when she had shocking pink hair, I desired to take some photos of Valentina.
In the past 4 years I saw indirectly every change she has made with her hair, her style and every tattoo she inked on her skin.
She has a lot of beautiful photos, taken by a friend of hers, and one day, this summer, while she was in Paris, I wrote her on Facebook and I asked her if she would have liked some photos from me! When she said "Absolutely yes!" I was really happy! But we don't live near each other and we don't have cars, so we had to choose a place between our cities to meet us. 
We chose Cesena, and our train trip was an hell. It's known that Italy is famous for its delays with trains and we had to live an exhausting adventure waiting for -always late- trains.
Anyway, we found the Rocca Malatestiana, a lovely castle at the top of an hill in the centre of the city and we took there our photographs. 
Valentina is particular. Obviously we have to talk about her hair, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, her pale skin (I'm really pale, but she won against me!), her beautiful lips and her stylish tattoos. Ok, let's stop talking and let's see the photos!

ps. I hope that I didn't spell too wrong my english and for an error that I've made I put my signature at the corner of every photo, something that i HATE, so... I'm sorry for that!