About me

Who am I?
My name is Sarah and I'm 20 years old.
I am half Italian and half Polish, but I've been living in Italy for 18 years, so I'd consider myself mostly Italian.
Since the 1st of October 2016 I've moved to the french part of Switzerland to complete my Bachelor in Hotel Management and Business Administration.

Why "Adopted Londoner"?
In July 2017 I moved to London for 5 months, to complete an Internship at The Dorchester, a beautiful and iconic hotel overlooking Hyde Park.
It has been the most amazing experience of my life and, with tears in my eyes, the 3rd of January 2018 I had to leave to go back to my studies in Switzerland. 

Graduating officially in December, I am planning to go back where my heart belongs at the beginning of 2019, to finally live my dream and be back in the City that I already consider home.

What do I post about?
I am passionate about food (can it be a passion?), fitness, traveling and I am a big over thinker that loves to share what passes through her mind. I also am a big fan of beauty and make up and I would like to share everything that may be found interesting regarding lifestyle, student life and, in the future, UK-based related posts.

Why all these old posts?
The story of this blog connects to the beginning of my teenage years. It has been created in 2012, in order to share my first passion: photography.
For five years I've been into professional photography, and I used to use this platform as a way of sharing my creativity and my work.
Nowadays that part of my life has faded away (who knows, maybe it will come back in the future?) and I've decided to transform the future of this semi abandoned blog in something bigger and actual.

So, welcome, I hope you will enjoy what I am planning to share with you!